About Me

Artist | Musician | Designer | Geek

An accomplished digital product designer, focused on User Experience, Interaction, and User Interface Design. Works closely with cross-functional teams and is inspired by User Centered Design, the Lean UX process, and the Agile Manifesto. Dedicated to a full, iterative process; from understanding business and customer goals, user motivations and needs, to build/measure/learn process, through to shipped products, and beyond with analytics, user testing and optimization.

Leverages tools such as Adobe CC, Sketch or Axure, Omnigraffle; frameworks such as Bootstrap, Materialize, jQuery and others to design and develop useful and beautiful products that solve real-world business problems. Hand-codes clean and semantic HTML5 and CSS3, while version-controlling work with Git + Github. Deliverables include wireframes, user personas, site flows, graphical assets, and style guides to interactive prototypes and working, tested, minified, optimized, code. Finally, as a continuous learner, currently focused on SASS, Zurb Foundation, JavaScript fundamentals, and the Lean UX process.

In February 2015 I received the Seagate Cloud Systems and Solutions RAS Award, "In recognition for the dedication, passion, and delivery of improvements in Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability of Seagate CSS Products and Services". Now, I look forward to discovering what new opportunities await on the horizon.

Contact me today, and let's discuss if I might be a good fit for your organization. I'd also like to invite you to read letters of recommendation on my LinkedIn profile to see what my employers and colleagues have to say about working with me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

About This Site

In recent years, when I wanted to build a new site, I would design it first (naturally), and then prototype it in HTML, before manually porting it into a Drupal or Wordpress template. There's a lot of reasons and advantages for running a site on a CMS. There are tradeoffs though, and frequent maintenace and security updates must be applied.

So when I set out to build my new portfolio site, I decided that I didn't need the features of a full-blown CMS and wanted to try a new approach. After the usual process of analog sketches and then wireframing in Sketch, as well as graphical asset creation in Photoshop and Illustrator for the visual design phase, I did some research and discovered a new CSS framework called Materialize. This emerging framework is nowhere near as popular as Bootstrap or Foundation yet, but it is gaining traction and is based on the Material Design spec, which aligns well with much of my design philosophy. So, I decided to download it and give it a try. It was fun and easy to pickup. I realized that jQuery was integrated, which although it is a bit dated, is still very useful for my purposes. Materialize also leverages Web Font icons, which I was familiar with but hadn't actually worked with much before. Even though I love making my own icons, it was fun to learn a new, lightweight way to display icons (or glyphs, really). I then expanded the set with the Socicon web font. I found it enjoyable and easy to make my own styled social networking icons with it. I later discovered and leverged Entypo for the home page iconography as well, exported as PNGs via Sketch.

Finally, I hand-coded the site using Brackets editor from Adobe. I'm picky with my text-editors, but I like this quite a bit, after enabling a few add-on plugins. With that said, I have been eyeing Atom editor lately and may give that a try for a future project. I've been developing locally running a XAMPP server, and handling version control with Git + Github.

This concludes the geeky details portion of the site. If you're here because you're interested in having a talented and deeply experienced UX + UI Designer to add to your team, then I hope we get a chance to speak soon! Thanks again for stopping by.

~ Jason